Weave Decorating Magic With This Go-Anywhere Interlocking Pattern (10 photos)

Weave Decorating Magic With This Go-Anywhere Interlocking Pattern (10 photos)

Whereas a trellis belongs within the backyard helping hiking crops, trellis patterns are very a lot at dwelling in our interiors. In truth, these interlocking designs appear to be cropping up increasingly in fashionable residences, splashed throughout partitions or slicing a touch on rugs, upholstery or cushions. Even higher…

Weave Decorating Magic With This Go-Anywhere Interlocking Pattern

Bold and graphic or muted and subtle, trellis patterns are a great addition to a room and are enjoying a style moment right now

While a trellis belongs in the garden supporting climbing plants, trellis patterns are very much at home in our interiors. In fact, these interlocking designs seem to be cropping up more and more in stylish residences, splashed across walls or cutting a dash on rugs, upholstery or cushions. Even better news is that there are numerous variations on the trellis theme, making this iconic pattern enormously versatile. So whether you are looking to make an impact with a graphic print or prefer your trellis modest and muted, there are colors and designs to suit your style and space.

Boldly go. To fully appreciate a trellis pattern, choose one that combines a strong shade with crisp white. This striking wallpaper delivers maximum impact, energy and detail to this living space.

Fade away. Trellis patterns can be boldly graphic, but they can also be subtle and muted. This gorgeous rug sports a large-scale trellis design, but the washed-out tones mean it doesn’t dominate. The pattern is also picked up in the artwork on the walls for a nice feeling of balance.

Make it Moroccan. Often cropping up as a motif in Moroccan design — think fretwork screens and lanterns — trellis patterns can transport you straight to North Africa. For fabrics and wallpapers, choose trellis designs in rich, earthy colors to boost the authentic feel.

Go bright and white. If you plan to hang trellis wallpaper in a narrow space, such as a hallway, it’s a good idea to choose a design in bright, fresh tones. This yellow and white number brings detail and zing to this entrance without nibbling away at the feeling of space.

Mix and match patterns. Team pillows in a trellis pattern with others in equally bold but less structured prints for a bright shower of detail on a comfy, deep-colored sofa.

Choose a big repeat. Trellis patterns look fresh and original when blown up big. The effect is less ornate, but the winning combination of graphic pattern and color still works beautifully.

Perk up upholstery. The comfy, familiar shape of this armchair is given an exciting new feel thanks to graphic trellis upholstery. The chair sits in front of a wall with leaf-design wallpaper, too, creating an interesting juxtaposition of patterns.

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Add it as a feature. If a trellis pattern on four walls feels like design overkill, try using it on a feature wall instead. This bedroom with character feels relaxed thanks to its combination of fabrics and patterns, with the muted trellis wallpaper contributing to the mix-and-match scheme.

Take two. A classic trellis pattern has been used to make the window shade in this bedroom, and its repeating, interlocking motif has been picked up and referenced in the rug. It’s a clever way to bring two trellis-inspired patterns into one space without the result’s looking too self-consciously matching.

Make it strong. A simple trellis design in striking dark gray and white makes the perfect bold upholstery for a sofa. In this living space, a gray scheme, moody lighting and dark woodwork add to the sexy, brooding feel.

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