How to SHARE pictures and videos on Facebook?

How to SHARE pictures and videos on Facebook?

We want to share a picture or video on Facebook, often. Sometimes we want to share a picture on our own wall; sometimes we want to share it on a friend’s wall. So we want to “send” a picture or video to our friends. Do you know, how images are shared on Facebook? How to do a clean sharing on Facebook?

In fact, there are some “apps” (so called) “for birthday and anniversary greetings” or game etc… However, applications (nearly always) are suspicious programs. Many of them, try to get your private information; or even be a trap designed to capture your Facebook account.

Mostly they send to other people some embarrassing messages with your name, or make harmful shares using your name and account. Worst of all, these bad events are hidden from you, they visible to everyone except you.

Therefore, best of all is using the standard “share” method of Facebook’s own. How to use this method is described in the following illustration.

How to share in Facebook?

1– Click on the “share” link, under the picture or video. A small window will be opened.
2– When you click on the “On your own timeline” link, you will see other options.
3– Select the option that matches your request. If you want, you can add your special message, in “write something” section, at this stage.
4– Click on the “Share Photo” button to share the video or picture.

That’s all… 🙂

We love Facebook.
Enjoy Facebook and it’s clean sharing.
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