Bedroom Decoration for Music Lover

Bedroom Decoration for Music Lover

Bedroom Decoration for Music Lover

In case you are tune lover you may the next bedroom ornament image. Its minimalist, easy and it is vitally appropriate when used for rental. This Ornament could be very appropriate for younger boy who lively and dynamic.


This decoration using Furniture Cosmos Collection. Maximum total budget you need to create this decoration is about US $1.200. But you can cut the costs by reducing the amount of used furniture.


With the same furniture, you can also change the theme bedroom decor into sporty. And the result like following picture.


The furnishings used within the Bedroom Ornament for Track Lover is Bookcase Headboard 39″, Twin Mates Mattress, Double Dresser, Evening stand and different South Shore Furnishings Cosmos Assortment.